Episodes of “Complete Bull” and “Unintended” have both been recognized by film/episodic festivals recently.

The pilot episode of “Complete Bull” made it to the semi-finalist level for best series in the Vancouver Movie Awards, January 2023. “Complete Bull” is a dramatic series, now being pitched, about a former marketing executive who unexpectedly finds herself fighting to save her aging father’s livestock genetics business. She ends up with unlikely allies among first-generation immigrants forcibly relocated from California to the Midwest amid a severe drought.

An episode of the limited series, “Unintended; Unlocking a Nation’s Pregnancy Secrets” was recently accepted for screening at the inaugural Farm to Film Fest, which will be held May 20-21 in Washington, Iowa. In “Unintended,” an investigative journalist digs up century-old tales of unplanned pregnancies outside of marriage, confronting the price of shame as described by the couples’ descendants. She takes the readers along as she discovers that not everyone is ready to acknowledge their ancestors’ pasts, even 100 years later.