I’m sure it will be no surprise to hear that the Covid-19 pandemic has thrown off our release plans for “Unintended; Unlocking a Nation’s Pregnancy Secrets” significantly. We had been accepted into the Miami Web Fest, the Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival and were waiting to hear on others, all of which would have the first public screenings of the first of three episodes. Those have been canceled or postponed. We had also started discussions about holding public screenings in various metropolitan areas outside of film festivals. However, that is also off the table for the near future with Covid-19. So, since life is giving us lemons, we decided to make lemonade. 

What is the lemonade in this case? We are considering catching Americans while they are stuck at home by either doing a direct-to-consumer release using pay-per-view on Vimeo, YouTube, etc., Or releasing with paid first-rights deals with either a history- or social issues-focused website. (Please tell us if you have suggestions on a good fit!) We are moving quickly and, if we move ahead with this revised plan, we will gradually release the three episodes, hopefully beginning this spring.

I’m sharing our brand-new Unintended trailer for the first time also. I’m so impressed with the great work our editor did on this! Please watch. And watch this page or our new Unintended Facebook page on where that upcoming release will happen.

Also, we are waiting and watching the pandemic to see whether we will be able to continue plans to begin filming our new series, Complete Bull, in mid-May as we had hoped. I should mention we also now have a Complete Bull Facebook page for that series, as well as a merchandise page (thanks to our partner Tin Roof Ink) with some great T-shirts and (only mildly shocking) pens. And follow our production progress on our Instagram account.