The first episode of our true-story limited series, “Unintended; Unlocking a Nation’s Pregnancy Secrets” will be released on Friday, May 1, 2020! This Covid-19-sponsored alternate release plan will mean the first episode, “Chapter 1: Myrtle and Harry,” is available on May Day, second episode, “Chapter 2: Imogene and Cliff,” on June 1, and third episode, “Chapter 3: Maude and Ira,” on July 1. Mark your calendars or at least lock May Day into your mind. I’ll share links when the time arrives, but keep in mind that we plan to offer it for a lower price the first week. Between now and then, I am going to be sharing more production pics and giving you more behind-the-scenes looks at these unmarried couples who faced unintended pregnancies a century ago, and sharing info about our talented cast and crew. Please consider sharing the link to this site, and encourage friends to “follow” our Facebook page, where most of this bonus material will be offered:

Finally, we plan to use the hashtag: #unintendedus on social media. We will eventually ask those who are comfortable doing so to share the stories of ancestors (only those no longer living, please) who also faced their own unintended pregnancies outside of marriage long ago. But first, wait and walk a mile in Myrtle, pictured above, and Harry’s shoes on May 1.