We have now completed Episode 1, and are moving on to post-production for Episode 2. We hope to have that episode completed within a few months. Then we will turn our focus to what is current the final episode, number 3. In the meantime, our film agent in Los Angeles is looking for distribution for us. We are keeping our fingers crossed that he will find the right home for the series.

We had a screening of Episode 1 as part of the Iowa Motion Picture Association Awards night on Saturday. Our team members had made it to the “nominee” level in 10 of the 12 categories for which we applied for Unintended cast and crew. Of those 10 nominees, nine were given “Awards of Achievement” during the evening. The following were given awards:

  • Art Direction = Marc Muehleip. Unintended.
  • Director of Photography = Barry Andersson. Unintended.
  • Direction – Medium = Colleen Bradford Krantz. Unintended. Pink Spear Productions.
  • Actor = Wes Worthing. Unintended.
  • Actress = Grace Mumm. Unintended.
  • Supporting Actor = Patrick Towne. Unintended.
  • Supporting Actress = Wendi Wendt. Unintended.
  • Voice Over Narration = Robert (Bo) Barker. Unintended. Bo Barker Voiceovers.
  • Web Series = Colleen Bradford Krantz and Unintended cast/crew. Pink Spear Productions

Although not all of our award winners could be there, it was still great to see many on our team being recognized for their work. (I’ve attached a photo that includes, from L to R: Patricia Holly, Muehleip, Towne, Krantz, Worthing and Wendt.) We hope to submit other names next year for those who do equally amazing work in Episodes 2 and 3.

As the awards ceremony ended and the crowd moved to a reception, it was amazing to me how many people came up to tell me their own family’s story of a past unintended pregnancy. I am increasingly certain that the country is ready to have this kind of conversation, even though much of it is not pretty. One friend who watched an early version of Episode 1 wrote me a kind note that felt like maybe we were getting this project right where we want it. She wrote: “…I think this project will invite a civil conversation about [a] charged topic. So much is driven and divided in this country by the whole abortion issue. There’s little gray in national debate. You’re giving us a little gray.”