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Our Approach

The Pink Spear Film Philosophy

Pink Spear Productions takes on some of today's most difficult topics, but we do so in a compassionate, thoughtful way. Many films today spoon-feed viewers with a grand final conclusion as to what point-of-view is "right." Pink Spear Productions believes that our job is only to tell stories, as fully and accurately as possible, while including honest representations of various viewpoints. The job of those watching is to walk away to decide for themselves what to do with what they have learned.

Our Story

The Pink Spear Story

Pink Spear Productions is the filmmaking company of Colleen Bradford Krantz, who spent a decade as a U.S. newspaper reporter before shifting to the video world. Her first film was released in 2010. In  2016, she adopted the name Pink Spear Productions, a nod to the sentiment inspired by a centuries-old spearpoint found by a relative. The artifact serves as a reminder that a balance can be found between the wisdom of the past and the hope of the future. When aiming for the heart of the matter, the best approach involves a direct - but compassionate and graceful - move.