We had a big shoot a few weeks ago in the Kansas City area, and that work brought about the completion of the production phase of our film! We now moving on to post-production, which means editing the video and getting it ready for the world to see.

A huge thanks to all the amazing talent both in front of and behind the camera during our year-plus of filming. Our latest work in Kansas City involved multiple locations and many scenes, which all went amazingly well. We are looking forward to sharing the results with you.

We have also decided to change the name of the film from Unintended 1900 to “Unintended.” We realized the “1900” might imply the stories had implications only for the earliest decade of the 1900s. Our stories carry forward to today.

Thanks for all the support. We will write more updates as we near the end of post-production, hopefully by fall.

Colleen Bradford Krantz